Freelance Reflections 5/16

It’s been a busy week here at Camp Write Away.  Put in a number of pitches to some clients. I will probably spend most of the weekend getting some writing assessment tests done for some others so that we can continue to grow and have even more happy customers!

It’s nice to feel busy and to continually be finding people who are interested in your work. This week has also been personally challenging and I think that many freelancers not only have to juggle everything that has to do with their business but also all that extra life stuff (and many of us also have part or full time jobs on TOP of all this so to those other Freelancing Superheroes happy to have made it through this week, hats off to you!)

I hear from a lot of people considering becoming freelancers that they would freelance BUT they could never work from home because they’d get distracted and whatnot. My response generally is well that’s not the only way you can freelance! Many agencies hire onsite freelancers so you can work in a nice cool office if you want to freelance but definitely can’t bring yourself to work from home.

For others who don’t relish the idea of travelling to a strange office every couple weeks but who also struggle with focusing during work hours at work my suggestion is this. Create a space in your home that is YOUR work space. Keep it clean organized and SEPARATE from the rest of your living spaces. I put my home writing office in my bedroom, away from the TV the phone, the kitchen, and the bathroom where I’d feel tempted to clean or cook. And when I sit down theren I have a strict no social media policy. Unless it’s business related I keep my cell phone away from me on silent so I’m not tempted to update it or keep checking it. Also, being an at home worker requires inner discipline, get into the “at work habit” which means that you should get dressed, washed, shaved, and have a schedule just like you would at a regular job. This makes it feel less like a hobby and more like a professional endeavor.

*stretch* well those are my thoughts about this week. Join me next Friday for more ramblings and thoughts about freelancing!


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