Freelance Reflections 5/23

This week has kinda been a bit hectic. With family issues and a whole lot of other things happening all at the same time I’ve kinda been struggling with my deadlines because let’s face it…sometimes life just HAPPENS.

At the beginning of this week I had made a promise to myself. I said, “Self, this week has a lot going on, maybe you shouldn’t take on a boatload of assignments. Maybe make up for it next week, when you have a extra day over the weekend to relax.”

But I didn’t listen. By Thursday I had so many assignments and so much to do that I felt like I couldn’t do my best.

I called it Beginner’s Desperation.  So often first time freelancers are project hungry and sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach. What I learned this week is that the time I take to do my work WELL is more rewarding than completing a lot of assignments at not my highest level.

In the beginning take your time. Breathe. Organize your thoughts. You want to IMPRESS people not just COMPLETE assignments.

From now on I’ll take my time, accept only what i KNOW i can complete and NOTHING MORE per week. It just makes me feel burnt out and it’s way too early in the game for that!

So relax this weekend, recharge your batteries and come back fighting on Tuesday! Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!


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